Hair Transplant in Sambalpur provides the surgical method to remove baldness. This has various kinds of techniques like BIO hair transplant, FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant and LHT hair transplant. Hair replacement is very delicate process and provides impressive results in restoring natural looks and also at very affordable hair transplant cost.

Stop worrying about your hair loss! Here is the Lumen Clinics the best hair transplant clinic in Sambalpur would like to take the opportunity to the serve the hair loss problems of Sambalpur people. At Lumen Clinics we offer Hair loss treatment, Hair fall treatment, PRP treatment, FUE, FUT hair transplantation and advanced robotic hair transplantation in Sambalpur people who are suffering with hair loss. We do provide non-surgical hair services like Hair fixing, Hair weaving, hair bonding and hair wigs for both men and women.

Many people experience the start of the hair fall once the medications or other therapies are stopped. So why do the hair loss treatments do not work? It is because the reason for hair loss is hereditary and hormonal.

Hereditary factor cannot be changed or treated. Hormonal factor can be treated but it is not advisable as it has many side effects. And if the causative factors for hair loss cannot be treated completely, hair loss cannot stop without continuous treatments.

As Per the statistics one of every three men face the eminent future of baldness. But this is not something to be worried of. There is treatment available to tackle this problem permanently.

Lumen Clinics is one of the best clinics for Hair Transplant in Sambalpur provides you better and permanent solutions for the hair loss treatment. The needs of are catered here on client to client basis.

Why Lumen Clinics?

  1. Advanced and pioneered techniques that give best solution for pattern baldness.
  2. Expert team of efficient and certified surgeons
  3. Safe and quality results
  4. Complete scalp analysis by experts
  5. Quality results with cost advantage
  6. 24/7 total care system before and after surgery