Lumen Beauty is well versed clinic with various medical facilities to provide excellent hair transplantation treatment. Hair is the symbol of beauty and virility. Hair loss has great impact on psychology and the personality of a person. There are several ways to treat hair loss but the permanent method is hair transplant surgery.

Now you can get the best Natural Hair Transplantation in Patna. At Lumen Beauty Clinics has been performing hair transplant procedures and coming up with the best result. The Hair Transplantation at Lumen Beauty Clinic is the only permanent method to restore the hair.

It involves the transplantation of the hair follicles in its naturally occurring groups.The basis of Hair Transplantation is based on the fact that the occidental hair back side of the scalp is never lost and more importantly they retain this property when they are transplanted to the recipient site or the required site.

Also Hair Transplant in Patna at Lumen Beauty Clinics, surgeons are exclusively dedicated in practicing the most sophisticated and advanced techniques in surgical hair restoration and giving out the best result.

We offer the following to our patients:

  1. Painless hair replacement
  2. Zero scar hair transplant
  3. Thick natural hair
  4. Low cost of hair transplant surgery
  5. After-Care Costs