Either you’ve been on holiday, under a sunbed or just getting out in the sun has got u a little more tanned than you’d hoped for.

We’ve seen this many times whether you are caucasian, asian or black we’ve all done it. And we’ve also helped a lot of people get rid of that tan or lighten their skin for good.

Caucasian skin usually just browns and if you dont have an all over even tan it can be embarassing to have just half a tan! Asian / Indian / Chinese / Malaysian skin usually just gets darker which is not good when you’ve already got the perfect golden tan and the sun has just taken your natural shade 3 shades darker!

And if you all didn’t know, black skin tans too. Black people get darker in the sun as we all have Melanin in our skin which is the thing that makes us tan and the more sun we face the more melanin we produce. It’s just our body’s natural defence.

Well at least you’ll be glad to hear that there is a solution,

LUMEN‘s specialized BIO-PEEL and SALI-PEEL Procedures helps you to get rid of it.

So for everyone who is looking for the ultimate untanning, detanning or reverse tanning, its right here.