Do you wish to get treatments for facial rejuvenation done? With the help of these treatments, you would be able to add some volume to the deeper layers of your skin. And, this will help your skin become younger again. You would free yourself of wrinkles and would give other people a major complex. You could check out the Botox & Fillers in Bhubaneswar, who will help you with all your dermatological problems.

There are many kinds of fillers available. You could either go for the non-autologous, autologous or the temporary fillers. In fact, with these injectable fillers, you would be able to get natural looks. And, it will take only about 1 visit for giving you long-lasting results.

Botox & Fillers in Bhubaneswar:

When you check out the Botox & Fillers in Bhubaneswar, you would be able to get the best possible treatment. The fillers would be injected beneath the skin in smaller amounts with the help of a canula. These injections will be so powerful that it will give a natural depth and volume to the skin, under the wrinkles. These will be lifted up and become smooth. It will take you only 15 minutes of your time and you would be able to see the results almost immediately.

How long will the results be effective?

The fillers absorb gradually as they are bio-degradable. With the breaking down of gel, its place is taken over by water. And, when that gets absorbed completely, the gel disappears completely from the body. The duration of the effects might depend upon various conditions, such as skin type, age, lifestyles and the muscle activities.

Confused between Botox & Fillers in Lumen Beauty? Which one to choose?

While a lot of people think that both are same, there is a big difference between the two. While Botox is a muscle relaxant, fillers help in filling up the loose areas. While botox will prevent the skin muscles to be pushed against each other, fillers will fill in the gaps. So, depending upon what kind of treatment you want, you can go for either of them.

With old age, one cannot avoid wrinkles. So, if you are suffering from wrinkles, it would be best to go for injectable fillers. If you have more number of creases, you might have to go for thicker fillers. Fillers can be safely used for improving and enhancing the facial structures. These are mostly used for giving an enhanced look to the cheeks and for enhancing the brow and making the upper lids voluminous. These can also remove the dark circles under the eyes.

If your creases are visible only you are squinting, then Botox would be the ideal treatment. And, if your situation is so bad that the creases appear even while resting, then you might have to go for both Botox & Fillers in Lumen Beauty.

Any side effects?

There will be some redness, soreness and pain at the place, where the injection is injected. But, this will disappear in a few days time. Also, one will need to take care of the fact that the fillers should not overfill the skin, otherwise, lumps might be caused.

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